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How to price your WordPress Services

A screenshot of Codeable.

When you are just starting out as a freelance website consultant, it can be very hard to know how much to charge.

Between feeling like an imposter and trying not to go broke, you need to find a middle ground and get paid what you are worth.

I don’t have any “right” answers here, but I do have some resources you might want to check out.

A screenshot of Codeable.Codeable ( is a service where you can find WordPress experts for all sorts of WordPress-related tasks. Their blog is a great resource, and there are a couple of great articles there about this topic: How much does a WordPress site really cost? and How much does it cost to build an e-commerce website? are both worth checking out.

But another expert in the field also has lots of great advice. Here is a link to Chris Lema’s pricing tips!

Some things to think about:

Who is it? (Big business or little guy?)
Is it going to be an ongoing client or a one off?
Any custom work involved at all?
How badly do they need it? (Speaks to value)
Will it be fun for you?
Are they looking elsewhere?
How likely is there to be scope creep?
Any eCommerce? Or all basics?

Lastly, when I was doing websites full-time, I came up with a tool that helped me price my sites, and also helped my clients understand what it was that dictated the cost. It’s built with Gravity Forms, and  it even accounts for a non-profit discount. Check it out!

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