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Sugar Lake Update: Casey’s Hotspots & Anxiety

Last week I wrote about Casey’s hotspots, and how we were working on treating these ourselves with a cone and a couple of quiet days. It didn’t take us long to realize this wasn’t going to work well. She wouldn’t put her head down, trying to sleep while holding it up. The hotspot grew, parts…

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Our Summer Adventure: Campground hosts!

I first saw the add on a Thursday in February, on Facebook (just two days after stating, “I make it a policy to never make big decisions in February.”) “We are looking to fill a campground hosting position at Sugar Lake Recreation Site, North of Cherryville,” it read. “We are looking for friendly, outgoing people…

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Home grown pesto feast!

My recent experimentation with indoor hydroponic gardening has been providing multiple meals lately! Tonight, it was this fabulous homemade pesto, made with Genovese basil, all grown with the Kratky method. You may remember seeing it, back at the end of May when it was just getting its start (see the photo below!). Since then, I’ve…

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