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What is the process of website creation? Where do we start?

There are four basic parts to creating your site:

Your Domain Name
Each website has its own Domain Name. For example, “,” or “” After we pick your Domain Name, we have to register it, which reserves it for your use.

Design and upload of site
This includes initial consultation, ongoing consultations and design revisions as required, and final testing of the website’s look and functionality. This is a collaborative process, and I want your input! Only you can help this web site be EXACTLY how you want it.

After we have built all of your website’s pages, we will copy those files to a host server to allow the public to have access to them. There is an ongoing monthly rent paid for this space.

Ongoing Maintenance/Site Changes
Do you want to write a Blog? To advertise a weekly special on your website? Or do you only expect to have to tweak the information once in a blue moon? A website cannot be built and forgotten but some types of sites take more ongoing care than others. There are options to suit every ability level and budget.

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