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Why isn’t your site showing up on Google?

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Sometimes, after you put some time and money into your website, you want to know: Why isn’t your site showing up on Google?

A little background: Google is a Search Engine that helps people find what they are looking for on the Internet. Another common one is Bing, which is used by Yahoo.

These Search Engines have what is called “worms” that crawl the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, indexing sites by keywords. Then, when a user searches for a specific keyword, the Search Engine returns search results based on what it has indexed.

Even the most basic website creation package will include a foundation to allow the site to be found easily by Google or Bing. The sites I build are “keyword rich” and build according to specification that will allow for easier indexing by the Search Engines.

But if you have a brand new website that isn’t showing up on Google or Bing, it could be because the Search Engines haven’t yet gotten around to crawling or indexing your pages. That doesn’t mean your site isn’t on the Internet. It is – which you can confirm by typing your URL ( directly into the bar at the top of your Browser.

It usually takes about 10 days for Google to pick up on a new site, or changes to an existing site. If you are interested in pushing the process along a little faster, there are things that can be done, for a small additional fee. Ask me about ways we can make that happen!

How to get a better Google ranking:

When a user searches for a website in Google or Bing, they get back a list of results based on the keywords they were searching for. For example, they could search “website development in Oliver” to find my website. But people could also Google “Laurena Website” or “Write this Down Websites” to find me.

Ultimately, showing up near the top of Google’s search results is a bit of a guessing game. First, we have to make some educated guesses about what people will be looking for when they are looking for your website. Then, we have to make sure that your website is built well, and is “keyword rich” meaning that it is clear to the Crawlers exactly what your website is all about.

The skills involved in increasing Search Engine ranking is called “Search Engine Optimization” and is an ongoing process. Building the site with a proper foundation is key; from there, there are other steps that can be taken.

For one, add your website’s URL to as many places as possible on the Internet. Check out Google My Business, or the free Yellow Pages online business directories. There are “for pay” business listings, but it’s not usually necessary to go that route (though it can help).

Also, the more “backlinks” you have out there, the more respect you will get from Google. This means, other people linking to YOUR site, with your URL. These backlinks are more effective if they are from sites with a similar expertise – for example, sites or Blogs about website design linking to MY site, would convey a greater sense of importance.

And don’t forget Social Media. Use your business or group’s URL. This means actually linking to “” in your status updates. People can click on those links; they can be shared by Facebook users, and it can generally increase your online visibility.

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