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Our Summer Adventure: Campground hosts!

I first saw the add on a Thursday in February, on Facebook (just two days after stating, “I make it a policy to never make big decisions in February.”)

“We are looking to fill a campground hosting position at Sugar Lake Recreation Site, North of Cherryville,” it read. “We are looking for friendly, outgoing people who have a general love for the outdoors… The host is provided a waterfront campsite for the season.”

It was accompanied by that beautiful photo you see of the lake, above.

Jeff and I have often wondered about the campsite hosting job, seeing many folks in this role at campsites over the years. Wouldn’t it be an ideal way to live? (Wouldn’t it?!)

The comments on the Facebook made it clear that a LOT of people agreed it would be amazing, and all of them were going to apply immediately. Well, why not? It sounded fabulous. I sent off an email to the address on the post – just to find out more… besides, what were the chances?

Find out more, we did, and apparently the chances were quite good. We applied, were interviewed and after a brief wait, were offered the position. We start April 30, and will be the campsite hosts at Sugar Lake 2 Mile through September 30.

The application process, acceptance and resulting arrangements have been a whirlwind! Jeff has taken a leave of absence from work, ever grateful about the support and understanding of his employers. We have had to sell our beloved Bigfoot trailer, because while special and beautiful, it was not equipped for a 5-month stint.

However, on the same day it sold we bought our new one – a 24-foot Extreme Monterey. It has a queen bed and a larger fridge (really, our only requirements). It needs a new canvas for the awning (appointment booked!) and to be fully outfitted with our gear ($$$$shopping!).

As for my work – well, as some of you will recall, after five years at Automattic we earn a 2-3 month sabbatical. I am there, and will be off work from mid-April through early July. (Sound intriguing? We are hiring!) As of July, I will continue to work my current position, making creative use of power and internet access while there. (Off the grid for the win! Worst case scenario, I’ll drive to a neighbouring town and work there.)

We’ve told friends, family, our landlords, and as many others as we have been able to reach in a short time. Now we are announcing it here to fill in those gaps!

Sugar Lake 2 Mile is a 50-site, maintained forestry site outside of Cherryville (check out the details here).

We are very excited to hear that all y’all want to come and camp this summer! There are no reservations here, and we can not save sites. That said, we can certainly help you understand more about what’s available and when, because we definitely want to see you all up there this summer. ?

I do plan to send regular updates about our adventure, so do sign up if you want to receive notice when I post. You can do that with the “Subscribe for Updates” form in the sidebar (or, on mobile, down below). See you at the lake!

15 thoughts on “Our Summer Adventure: Campground hosts!

  1. Nice! I’m jealous! I love working in campgrounds (some of my first jobs!). What a perfect way to spend your sabbatical!

    1. Thank you. It will be the perfect way to spend it!

      I’m always so inspired by your camping photos and stories, one day we will make it up to your neck of the woods to check it out in person.

  2. So fun. What a great adventure. We will definitely have to visit you there ?

    1. YASSS.

  3. Congratulations n making the leap. Hope the crazy campers behave this summer. Have fun.

    1. Hehe! Me too. Thanks!

      1. So awesome! Enjoy your new adventure ?

  4. This is such a fun way to spend a sabbatical! We’ve recently started camping and the hosts are an important part of the experience. The people staying at Sugar Lake will be lucky to have you as their camp host!

    1. Thank you! Camping is such a wonderful thing <3

  5. […] campsite hosts at Sugar Lake 2 Mile, we meet a variety of people and it’s always for a short time. Short in duration, and […]

  6. Enjoy your camp hosting days , myself and hubby did both the Federal hosting and Provincial hosting what a great way to see the great areas BC and Canada have .
    We enjoyed it totally meeting so many people .
    Have a great summer!

  7. Enjoy your camp hosting days , myself and hubby did both the Federal hosting and Provincial hosting what a great way to see the great areas BC and Canada have .
    We enjoyed it totally meeting so many people .
    Have a great summer!

    1. Hi Vera! Thanks for commenting. Did you like Federal or Provincial better?

  8. Just spent the last 2 days at our favorite place at Sugar Lake. We met the nicest host, Jeff. The campground has been given a refresh and the road in was all graded. No big potholes. Looks awesome. Looking forward to getting there more this year.

    1. Hi Sheila! What site were you camped in? I’m fond of Jeff myself (though I may be biased), and I’m glad you found everything looking good. Looking forward to seeing you again, make sure you flag us down and remind us it’s YOU when you come up! Laurena

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