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Black Cottonwood

I gave our trailer floor a 2-hour massage today, with cooking oil.

The trailer floor, in one of the more clean areas (I forgot to take a photo early on).

Here at Sugar Lake 2 Mile, we have some beautiful scenery and greenery. The deciduous trees are now starting to get leaves and our site is becoming prettier by the day! However, one of the types of trees – Black Cottonwood – is dropping buds wholly composed of a small pod and sticky, yellow-brown resin.

Yes, these are getting everywhere. Dog paws, dog bodies, hats, picnic table, hats, shoes… and yes, they are being tracked into the trailer. During or setup days, when we were less aware of what was around us, we walked in and out of the trailer with our shoes on. This did leave a plethora of sticky spots, which we didn’t really think much about, until I decided to wash the floor yesterday.

The spots don’t come off. Or rather, they don’t come off easily. Our trailer floor footprint is maybe 50 square feet. It turns out that if you massage cooking oil into the spots, then scrub (hard and long) with a dish scrubby and dish soap, they will mostly come off, leaving just a small stain behind.

It was a long morning! Let’s hope the floor enjoyed the massage, and that the canopy of green from the trees will be worth the pain.




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  1. I really despise those pesky things!

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