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How to add a button link with the block editor

I’ve recently been asked how to add a link, formatted as a button, in a page or post built with the new WordPress block editor, aka Gutenberg. Here’s how: First, you are going to add the button as a new block. This means, you need to use the small + sign, either from the top…

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WooCommerce: Stripe 4.0 Icons

Note: The colour icons have been returned in the 4.1.0 update. These edits are no longer relevant.  The WooCommerce Stripe 4.0 extension has recently been released, with many exciting upgrades. But one of the results of this upgrade is a change in the way the payment icons are displayed at checkout. The previous version of Stripe…

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Adding custom functions to your website

Sometimes, when you are editing a website, you will come across php code snippets that you can use to edit your WordPress/WooCommerce website’s functionality. Until you’ve practiced this a few times, the first question will be, “Where do I put this?” There’s an easy answer, but it requires a bit of thinking things through. There…

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Collecting Donations with WooCommerce

I have been experimenting with using WooCommerce to set up a site to collect donations, on both a one-time and recurring basis. Here is a screenshot of the finished product work in progress:     I’ve set this up with a number of WooCommerce’s paid extensions. I’ll start with the essentials, then tell you about…

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